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August 04, 2012


    I have been an entertainer for well over two decades, having provided quality entertainment services for hundreds of private parties, receptions and events of every kind. I have also done a ton of club and bar gigs, and pack the dance floor every time. I'm based in Illinois and available for bookings. | Contact Me »

Crossover Collection

  • 1. Cold Computer Play
  • 2. Guilty Gravity Kills
  • 3. I Cant Go For That
  • 4. Low Rider Border Mix
  • 5. Nasty Situation
  • 6. No Doubtkast
  • 7. No Parking Mr. Bartender
  • 8. Only U BOC
  • 9. Personal Jesus Maxed
  • 10. Queen Mama
  • 11. Rock Your Body Bites The Dust
  • 12. SD Jook Gal
  • 13. Snake GB Dude
  • 14. Spin Me RR Remix
  • 15. Tainted SOS
  • 16. Thin Line Hip House
  • 17. Tilt Ya Head Back Curtis
  • 18. Timberlake Mix
  • 19. TK Berlin Mix
  • 20. War Changes
  • 21. Watser Headlight
  • 22. When Doves Sway
  • 23 12-20-12: MetroRemix

The Tomkat Crossover Collection

All tracks mixed by MC Tomkat
Crossover is a term applied to musical works or performers appearing on two or more of the record charts which track differing musical tastes, or genres. Besides describing music of a distinct genre that becomes broadly popular, the term "crossover" has also been used to describe music that deliberately mixes genres, regardless of mass audience popularity.

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